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To book a private appointment for a henna/Jagua session please text me  at 323-428-2171  most private appointments are done on the weekdays. Session for henna start at $45 per half hour session. Sessions for jagua application start at $50 per half hour session. To book an appointment you must pay a $20 retainer to hold the date and time

base rates / Single or multiple activities Must book a two hour minimum (On peak season rates will very. Expect a 25% to 50% increase during seasonal dates. For example holloween)


        1) Face painting ($150 per Hour)

        2) Balloons Twisting ($150 per Hour)

        3) Glitter Tattoos ($150 per Hour)

        4) Airbrush Tattoos ($175 per Hour)

        5) Flash Metallic tattoos ($150 per Hour)

        6) Henna ($150 per Hour)

        7) Glitter Mehendi Tattoos ($150 per Hour)

        8) Jagua Tattoo ($150 per Hour)

        9) Glamour Eyelashes ($150 per Hour)

        10) BLING BAR! “Glamour Skin and Face Gems” ($150 per Hour)

        11) clip in hair flare ($150 per Hour)

        12) Festival Face, Hair and body glitter ($150 per Hour)

        13) Magic Potion Mixing Station ($200 per Hour)

ASK ABOUT Magic potion mixing station, with a costume character. wizard, witch or fairy!!! 

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