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When you've decided you would like to hire a Body Artist for your event and you start searching for the right one, it can get confusing. Some entertainers seem really expensive and some too cheap. Some use professional FDA body art products and some say acrylic craft product are okay. Some are insured and some are not.  Here’s some answers to questions you may have:


What are your rates?


On my rates page you can see the different rates I charge for different types of parties packages. I try to offer rates that fit most budget. All base activities, face painting, temporary tattoos, balloon twisting etc. All start at a base rate at $100 an hour. 


Do travel and parking fees apply?


Depending on your location travel fees will apply after 15 mile zone from 90068 Zipcode. If your event is located in an area where parking is free, For example: free parking lots and street parking, then fees will not apply. However meter parking, valet and  parking lots that charge hourly fees Will be added to the my rate.


How many guests can you paint or tattoo?


- 8-10 full faces 1 hour with intricate & detailed work 
- 10-12 simple full faces in 1 hour


Glitter Tattoos 

- 15-20 tattoos 1 hour


Airbrush Tattoos 

- 15-20 tattoos 1 hour


Flash/water Tranfer Tattoos 

- 20-25 tattoos 1 hour


Henna Tattoos 

-  6-8  intricate detailed tattoos 1 hour

- 8-12 simple tattoos 1 hour


Glitter Mehendi Tattoos 

-  6-8  intricate detailed tattoos 1 hour

- 8-12 simple tattoos 1 hour


If you have more than 30 guests for one activity, you may want to consider hiring a second artist or assistent.  The cost to do so is comparable, but it cuts down on time and keeps the kids from getting anxious.  Please inquire with Rosemary May  about options for bringing in a separate balloon artist or a second painter/glitter/henna tattoo artist.


What products do you use?

I only use the best quality pro products including FDA compliant face paints and cosmetic glitters from professional brands such as Wolfe FX, Diamond FX, TAG, Fab, Paradise, Cameleon, Pro Aiir, Kryolan and cosmetic Body Art Glitter and body adhesive. We do not use craft paints or craft glitters.


For the mehndi we use 100% natural henna powder with top of the range essential oils


For airbrush tattoos are used the highest quality alcohol based ink that are FDA compliant.


“face painters” that are using acrylic craft paints is bad practice and are not safe on your child’s face and are known to actually cause allergic reactions. They are simply using them to save money and gambling that your child won’t have an allergic reaction.


What do I need to provide you with?


I would need 2 (adult) chairs, a good size table  (kitchen table)and a small waste  in a well lit area. If the event is outdoors, a  shaded area would be best as my paints need to stay out of direct sunlight.


How do I remove the face paint, glitter and airbrush tattoo?


FACE PAINTS: With soap & warm water.  Lather, wipe & rinse.  Although most colors wash off easily, you may notice that some darker colors may linger. If this happens, rub in some baby oil, wait 15mns, then wash it off. Lingering paint fades over time.



With 100% cotton ball use 70% rubbing alcohol.



 apply a layer of lotion and let it sit for 10 minutes. Rub in remaining lotion and gently scrub with alcohol on a swab or cotton square/circle.


How old do you have to be to be painted?​


Anyone ages 2 and up can be painted. Children under the age of 2 have very delicate skin and can be sensitive to face paints. Adults as well as children love face and body art. A contagious condition such as the flu, a cold, pink eye or lice cannot be painted.


How do i book and pay you?


While cash is preferable, I will accept a cheque. your event fully confirmed until you make a confirmation deposit. We require non refundable booking deposit fee due at the time of booking via PayPal. Please fill out the online contract. This will let us know  the exact date and time of your event, and the amount of time you estimate you will need. Remember, we can always leave early, but can very rarely stay late, so please estimate high.

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